Gaïa – Ende des Ausstauches.

Kerta’s residency for the project Fuori organized by the fondazione Grosseto Cultura is now finished.

It was a wonderful and very intense experience, full of exchanges and experimentations. She was hosted in Grosseto by the artists of Arte Fuori Strada, (have a look to their beautiful works and place here):

The result is “Gaïa”, an interactive steel sculpture (280x100x100cm) in which a vine is growing. In September it will also be part of the exhibition “La Citta Visibile” in Grosseto, Italy. The sculpture will be then placed in the middle of the city and thought as a civil altar, for the vernissage, the spectators could remove and keep some part of the sculpture, like talismans, and would be asked, in exchange, to take care of the growth of the vine. It is also a tribute to creation and a mise en abîme of the artistic process.


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