Über uns

This is KUNSTWERKSTATT MARZAHN an Art atelier built after closing of Tacheles kunst Haus in Oranienburger Strasse.

The story ended in May 2013, after a long story of processes, the most famous Europe art House, closed definitely; first the building in September 2012 and after the “Sculpture Park” were We used to work. We were really some of the last artist to try to resist till the last Hours.

In the meantime, We were trying to find another place for continue our art experience and kunstwerkstattmarzahn atelier (19)We found it in the Alte Boerse, in the Marzahn district. With the Owner Peter Kenzelmann, We decided to start a new project and create a new art center in the place. It was winter 2013 when We start to build the atelier and in Spring of the next Year, was completely finish. At the moment, there are only two artist working there, Claudio Greco from Italy and Kerta Von Kubin from France.We have now a seventy square meters atelier in a three hundred square meter of space that,We can use in prkunstwerkstattmarzahn atelier (24)ojects. There’s a big open place, were You can enjoy the sunset and some of the biggest metal sculpture that were in Tacheles. In summer We used to have also a small garden for the vegetables.