Über uns

This is KUNSTWERKSTATT MARZAHN an Art group founded after the Tacheles closing in Oranienburger Strasse.

The story ended in May 2013, after a long story of processes and legal actions, the most famous European art House closed definitely, first in September 2012 the main building and after the “Sculpture Park” where we were working and create our sculptures. We were literally the last artists to try to resist and keep open the space until the last hours in the deep night.

After that day, the artists group found a new place for continue the common art experience and kunstwerkstattmarzahn atelier (19) it was in the Alte Boerse Marzahn. With the owner Peter Kenzelmann we decided to start a new project and create a new art center in the place. It was winter 2013 when Claudio Greco and Kerta von Kubin start to build the atelier and in Spring of the next year, was completely finish. After some years of beautiful experiences with the local people and the cooperation with the district, in the 2017 we move once again the atelier and all the activity in a new place.

The Wuhletal-Psychosoziales Zentrum people and staff were really happy to host a new project like an art atelier. They gave us all the support with friendship. The small but famous Alt Marzahn medieval district is very peaceful and with a magical atmosphere. Actually the atelier is inside the private Hof, as well as a beautiful garden with fruits and vegetables, there are also a wood atelier and a flea market.